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Laporta: I haven't spoken with Messi at all

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Laporta: I haven't spoken with Messi at all[/b]
The Barcelona president revealed why he placed his confidence in coach Ronald Koeman[/b]
Joan Laporta has revealed that he has not spoken with Paris Saint-Germain forward Lionel Messi since the former Barcelona captain's departure from the Blaugrana.
The Barcelona president claimed that LaLiga requested the club to put pen to paper on the CVC agreement in order to give them the green light to renew Messi's contract, one which expired on July 1.
"What happened is what has been explained," Laporta told Esport3.
"There are objective data. Everyone can compare. We were pressured that we would either sign the CVC loan [deal] or there is no fair play.
"There was no margin. There was a pre-agreement and we had shaken hands. There were several agreements and LaLiga seemed to accept it, but then they said no without CVC. We didn't think that the situation was going to improve and we put an end to it.
"Messi could not have stayed even with [Antoine] Griezmann's [departure] and with the salary reduction of the captains. But it is important that we have lowered the salary cap because next year we can be more ambitious.
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"I think we were both sad because the situation was not what we wanted. I have not spoken with Messi since. I saw his debut with PSG and it was strange to see him at another team, rivals [of Barcelona]. I did not like seeing him in another shirt."
Laporta went on to express his gratitude to the Barcelona captains who agreed to salary cuts to give the club a much-needed financial injection.
"The reduction [of the expenditure] is important, [as] we have gone from 110 to 80 percent," added Laporta.
"I want to congratulate the executives and the financial department of Barcelona for their work, and all those who have worked tirelessly and extraordinarily.
"And we have some heroes in [Gerard] Pique, [Jordi] Alba, [Sergio] Busquets and we will seal [the deal with] Sergi Roberto.
"What they have done is admirable. They are committed to the club, to the members. It is admirable. And we will continue with other players, such as [Samuel] Umtiti and others from the first team. We are in a process that is not easy.
"First the captains have set an example, and now we will continue with others."
The Barcelona coach also explained that he decided to keep Ronald Koeman because his football philosophy fits with what the club represent.
"I like Koeman," noted Laporta. &Quot;We won the game against Getafe. They are not easy games.
"It cost us more than other games. But he has merit, with the injuries the team had.
"I spoke with Koeman, and he has my support, trust and respect, like all coaches. Johan [Cruyff]'s model is non-negotiable, and Koeman's cruyffism is indisputable, but each person adapts to it in their own way."
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